• arrow keys or WASD controls
  • pick up a pencil and get to drawin
  • do you have the right stuff?
  • don't be left out!

For the Bitsy Ghost Jam! My first game jam!!

--- --- ---

made with [ Adam Le Doux's Bitsy Game Maker ]

--- --- ---

 A. B.(ee), 2018 [ internetbee.neocities ] [ko-fi/alexibee]

Development log


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ahhhhh this is so great! love the execution! you got a really good chuckle out of me ✨

aw this is so cute!!!! what a cute ghost!! :3

This is so adorable! Great work <3 I love it.

That ghost is horrifying, but I like this game very much. The design is fantastic!

Uh oh, I might not be OK. That looked a lot like a ghost I would draw.

Cool use of bitsy, haven't seen anything quite like this yet.

ah this is so cute!

So friggin cute and cool.

I love it!