is this really based on a true story?

Yes, yes it is!

One fine day in October 2018 my fiancé, Jam Bones, represented here in fine handsome 8x8 pixel form, and I went to the mall in search of goodies and also to enjoy just the general ambiance. As you do. This game is entirely based around that trip with a few extra bits thrown in for funsies. Names & brands have been changed to protect identities ; ^ )

--- --- ---

This is my second Bitsy game, notably more ambitious than the first w/it's one-room, and I wanted to experiment with narrative and room design. It took some troubleshooting to put the dialog conditions in the right order - start with the "last" items needed and then go in order from there - but I got the hang of it eventually.

The main mall has a neutral color scheme with an orange accent to represent the season, with the shops having their own palettes based on real-world counterparts. The last room wasn't originally in the game at all - it ended when you walked past the sign - but I felt it needed something more final; plus, the idea of representing a mall food court  was too good to pass up.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed,
 A. B.(ee)

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